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09 August 2020 @ 08:59 pm

banner & icon by le_fetish

As my user info says only graphic entries will be public.
I also have several locks, so if you'ld like to be added to the more personal locks let me know what we have in common.
Please, do not lurk, it's nice to know that people are reading my stuff because they care.
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02 August 2007 @ 04:19 pm
30+ 2 banners-Post Two  
[x] comments are love, and tell me what you love so I can do more of it...so please just comment even if you're not taking.
[x] please credit, and let me know which you take.
[x] if you want anything changed, let me know, I'll do it, just don't do it on your own.
[1-21] fashion
[22-31] stock



Rest can be seen here .
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03 July 2007 @ 01:01 pm
These took a whole lot of time, the old ones were rotting on my computer. In the midst of papers and exams and whatnot...I'ld be surprised if they don't suck, but I feel a strange attachement to them.

[x] icons with a border are older ones which got delayed
[7] fashion
[1] banner
[1] friends only banner

[x] I will gladly make any alterations you want, just let me know.
[x] Comments really make my day :)
[x] please credit 


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